6 Reasons Why You Should Sell Online and Open Your eCommerce Store

6 Reasons You Should Be Selling Online

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Here’s why starting an Online Store is important, especially now.

Everywhere you go today you hear about online shopping, eCommerce and even virtual wallets on mobile phones. Despite all the talk, there are too many brands out there who are missing out on the opportunity. You might think to yourself: “well, I love buying online but – how does it apply to my industry?“.

You’d be surprised to find out that eCommerce can be applied to any product/service out there. Even a doctor can use it to offer online pre-paid bookings for consults and procedures. The following insights should help you better understand the benefits of selling online:

1. Your Customers Pay Upfront

In the online world people are accustomed to paying for goods and services upfront. Think of when you are buying a book, a movie, a new pair of headphones or even your TV. How does the process go? First you find what you like, you add it to your cart, enter your shipping and payment details and complete the order. Then you patiently wait for your stuff to arrive.

If it is done for everything else, why shouldn’t it be the same for the products you offer?

2. Your Prices Are Set, Forget Bargaining Customers

There is an interesting shift in paradigm that has occurred with online shopping: We accept the prices for what they are. There is a subconscious process that convinces people that published prices are fixed. Going back to our previous exercise – Do you ever try to negotiate the price on that blender you are buying? No, you don’t. What you will likely do is search for coupons online or wait for the next available sale date.

This is a common practice with all the big retailers and they have been taking advantage of this for years. Why should you be any different?

3. Your Catalog is Always Up to Date

One exciting (and cost reducing) benefit of an online store is the fact that you do not need to print any more catalogs. Printing is costly and is quickly outdated. Think of all the times you had to re-print your catalogs because of an item number change, or lost customers because the wrong prices were printed on the catalog. When you modify pricing, descriptions, availability or any other attributes in your online store, it automatically updates all the pages relating to each product for you.

Why print out heavy outdated books and waste money on postage sending them out to customers? Simply send them your link and they will be able to browse everything from home or even their mobile phones.

4. You Can Reach Customers Around The World

The Internet sees no geographical boundaries. You can have customers from across the country or outside the continent. This exponential rise in potential customers opens your business to a whole new level. You can now decide to market as specifically as you want without limiting yourself to the people in physical proximity to you.

Many people say: “Well the problem with my industry is that there are only a counted number of potential customers because we are very specific”. Forget about those limiting beliefs and accept the fact that the World is larger than you can possibly imagine.

5. You Are Open 24/7, Even While You Sleep

Nine to five, Ten to six, lunch breaks… Your clients have jobs too, right? So when do they find the time to visit your business? An online store removes these time barriers because they can now shop wherever they are at whatever time they please. You can be sound asleep in your bed and still have orders coming in, being processed and will be ready for you to ship out when you wake up.

Sound good? Well it is.

6. Online Marketing Can Convert Customers Directly

The beauty of online marketing vs traditional media is that it can be measured and optimized. When you have an eCommerce website, you can tailor your ads to close a sale. Specifics steps (called a funnel) are setup for customers to follow and you can track their interactions from the moment they clicked on an ad to the second they placed an order. No more guesswork, market by numbers.

Ready to start? Visit our eCommerce section today and you could be selling online by next week!

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