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Now what in the world do I mean with that title?

You might think I mean it in a social sense – in which “being cool” means being accepted in society as someone who’s liked above average in that particular group –  or rather “being cool” could be thought of as being distant or separated from one’s feelings. In this case, I actually give the word a different connotation.

People tend to react in strange ways in their interaction with other human beings. When met with a problem, our first reaction is usually anger or fear. There is a part of us that triggers a self-defense mechanism every time something out of the ordinary happens. If you were to step back and feel instead of following you instinctual reaction, then you would probably have a different response. Our brains have evolved in such a way that we may choose how to respond to events.

I’ve noticed that people are not taking the time to truly think and feel about the things that happen around them. Most of the time when something [material] falls, breaks, or is simply hit/scratched by another object; someone gets mad. Now, I understand that some objects have high monetary or sentimental value and should be handled with care; but I do not approve  that – when an accident occurs – someone is scorned at and deprived of his/her dignity.

People – as animals – learn from experience. Our brains accumulate information from experiences and map out every action to a particular consequence. Some are good consequences and some are bad. A great feature of the human race is that we started sharing experiences with each other. This way people did not have to learn things the hard way; instead, others told them what they needed to know. Inevitably with knowledge came power and this power helped some feel superior. This feeling of ’superiority’ let to a point in which they thought it was correct to tell and enforce instead of ask and teach.

When in a situation that may lead to anger, one must breathe and let go of any negative thoughts. This way our responses can be much lighter and helpful. If you help someone out, they will most likely go and help someone else.

Be nice, be calm, be splendid, be relaxed, be gentle, be sweet, be forgiving, be friendly, be quiet, be soft – in short -be cool.

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