How much

does a website cost?


What you should look for:

User-friendly design

Blazing-fast loading speeds and mobile responsiveness combine to give your users an extraordinary experience.

Look for modern technology stacks to provide efficient interactions that improve conversions.

Technologies: React.js, Next.js, Gatsby, WordPress

Fast, Reliable, Secure

High-performing applications need a solid foundation to run smoothly.

Look for robust, cloud-based infrastructures to ensure an optimized deployment that can scale.

Every byte transferred should be end-to-end encrypted and devs should adhere to security best-practices for authentication.

Technologies: Node.js, GraphQL, MongoDB, Auth0

Website Cost Calculator

Answer these simple questions to get an estimate of what your website should cost:

Small (up to 20 pages)
Medium (20-30 pages)
Large (30+ pages)

Payment processing
Shopping Cart
Product Bundles
Gift cards/Account balance

Recurring billing (subscriptions)
Product Customizer (ex: engraving, custom t-shirts, etc.)
Wholesale/User-based product pricing
Bulk Ordering (Table-based ordering)

Role-based access / Membership website
User-uploaded private content
User Marketplace

Video Library
Online Course (e-Learning)

News feed for user posts
Private Messaging between users
Private user groups

Events Calendar
Booking / Time scheduling
Maps / Location-based search
Listings-based search (Real estate, vehicles, etc.)
Translation Interface


Accounting systems (Quickbooks, etc.)
Shipping (Shipstation, Easyship, etc.)
Tax systems (Avalara, Taxjar, etc.)
Help Desk (Zendesk, Intercom, etc.)

Based on your responses, $ is the estimated cost of your project.

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The CLient's Dream

Custom-tailored for You

A project should start off with a fully-custom design based on your requirements.

This clickable prototype allows you to see your app/webpage just as it will be.

Iterative Approach

As you use the prototype, you may leave feedback on specific sections or page elements.

Your comments are then used to enhance the design and make sure it is exactly what you envisioned.

Project = Managed

During the implementation phase, project management should be included.

Tasks and milestones are assigned to provide your stakeholders with a "bird's eye view" of the project's progress along the way.

Testing in Every Phase

Each separate module is tested as it is built, and comprehensive tests are then run on the full system.

This ensures your platform's reliability and helps consider alternate use-cases.

Video Training

Highly detailed training videos should be recorded for your staff.

These engaging videos will arm you with the skills you need to properly and efficiently manage your platform.

What is the cost for a Web App?