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Ego-less Work

Ask freely Thou shall never hesitate to ask a question to a peer if that question could help your work (or theirs’) progress. Answer freely

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Do what you want

Don’t base your actions on old conceptions of life and society. Do whatever life inspires you to do. When told it will be difficult, obtain more information and gather others’ opinions. When told it is impossible, make it possible.

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Live from your hobbies

Hobbies are constantly mistaken as the activities that you enjoy doing but do not get paid for. They are usually referred to the second plane of importance –

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write ideas down

Design inspired thinking in order to create in a better way. One should write down all ideas even though they seem to be potentially impossible or improbable to make.

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life vs work

Why is there a common distinction between life and work? Is it Universally accepted that life is what we enjoy, our likes, hobbies and passions; and that work is essentially a burden

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