Tip of the Day: Laptop Battery Cycles

By |January 12th, 2013|

Laptop batteries have a life expectancy based on a limited number of cycles. New MacBooks for example, have a lifetime of 1,000 cycles while older models had 300 cycle batteries.

Cycles […]

Today’s Question: Why does my iPhone battery last so little?

By |December 22nd, 2012|

iPhones are beautiful devices and are packed with great features, but having to recharge your phone every five hours – what is this, 1995?

One would think that cell phone batteries have evolved quite a bit since the 90s – and they have – but our phones have evolved as well. Most of us are using “smart” phones these days and what makes a phone smart also drains the battery. iPhones, Android Phones, Windows Phones, etc. all have advanced processors and large memory capacities resembling personal computers from a few years back. A few of these features that iPhones (among others) have are:

GPS (global positioning system) chip that can find you anywhere in the world via satellite reception
Retina Display which is a high resolution display to enhance readability
3G or 4G data networks to provide high speed internet access anywhere with a cell phone signal
Music/Video players to entertain while on the go
Push notifications that alert you whenever an e-mail or message arrived even if the phone is idle
Multi-tasking which lets you have various applications open at once

All these features are nice but – if not used wisely – may severely impact your iPhone’s battery life. Want to find out how to extend your iPhone’s battery life?