Tip of the Day: Offline Google Maps on iOS

Offline Google Maps iOS

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Google Offline Maps iOS

Offline maps in Google Maps for iPhone?

Not quite.. yet – but if you search for directions and then lose Internet access, the app will still give you turn by turn directions with the previously calculated route.

This can be very helpful if you are travelling abroad and have no data plan enabled (roaming charges are expensive). You can look up your route from the hotel/house using WiFi and then start your trip. The app will probably not recalculate if you make a detour but it is very helpful anyway.

I found this out accidentally last night when I was driving back. I looked up the route on my iPhone at a friend’s house as I did not have data roaming enabled (out of the country). My idea was simply to obtain written directions to my destination and use them while I drove. To my surprise I suddenly heard Google Maps speaking to me and giving me turn-by-turn directions all the way. Thank you Google!

Have any fun stories where your phone gave more than you expected? Comment below!

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